FMI Library: part of
FMI 1.0 import interface


 Handling of variable lists
 Variable lists are provided to handle sets of variables.
 Constuction, destruction and error handling
 General information retrieval
 Functions for retrieving general model information. Memory for the strings is allocated and deallocated in the module. All the functions take an FMU object as returned by fmi1_import_parse_xml() as a parameter. The information is retrieved from the XML file.
 Interface to the standard FMI 1.0 "C" API
 Convenient functions for calling the FMI functions. This interface wrappes the "C" API.
 Functions to retrieve capability flags.
 Convenience functions.
 The functions in this module are provided for convenience. The functionality is already available via other lower level functions.
 Functions to retrieve co-simulation related information.
 Support for processing variable types
 Functions for handling unit definitions.
 Functions for handling variable definitions.
 All the functions in this group take a pointer to fmi1_import_variable_t as a parameter. A variable pointer may be obtained via a Handling of variable lists module or via functions fmi1_import_get_variable_by_name() and fmi1_import_get_variable_by_vr().
 Basic support for vendor annotations.

Detailed Description

All the structures used in the interfaces are intended to be treated as opaque objects by the client code.