Simulation in three steps

Assimulo requires three steps for performing a simulation

  • definition of the problem
  • selection of a solver
  • executing the simulation


A problem is the formulation of the differential equation to be solved together with its initial values and special properties, e.g. events.

The problem class collects the complete mathematical description without referring to the solution process or solution control parameters.

The formulation of the problem might differ, it might be an implicit problem (often also called a differential-algebraic system), an explicit problem, an overdetermined problem etc.

For each of these problem types special problem classes are provided which account for the different mathematical formulations.

More on problem classes see Problem Class.


Assimulo collects a variety of numerical ODE solvers. They are strongly related to the problem type. Some of them can only solve implicit problems. The use of others might be restricted to explicit problems.

More on solver classes see Explicit ODE and Implicit ODE.


Do not confound the notion implicit problem with the notion implicit solver. There are implicit solvers which are implemented for explicit methods.

A solver together with a problem is used to initiate a solver instance.


The solver instance has a method simulate which has to be invoked to perform simulation, i.e. to numerically solve the differential equation.