— Assimulo-3.0 —
  • Changed so that setuptools is used (support creating wheels) (ticket:426)
  • Fixed so that sparse return type can be used from the jacobian method (ticket:423)
  • Delayed import of matplotlib
  • Fixed memory leaks in CVode and IDA (ticket:424)
  • Removed version check for numpy (it was only a problem for old numpy version < 1.6.1 which we do no longer guard against) ticket:409)
  • Added license and changelog to the install folder (ticket:410)
  • Deprecated the setup option “sundials-with-superlu”. SuperLU support using Sundials is not automatically checked (ticket:414)
  • Added support for Sundials 3.1 (ticket:418)
  • Renamed the option stablimit to stablimit (ticket:417)
— Assimulo-2.9 —
  • Added option to specify to use the 2-norm in CVode (ticket:401)
  • Added option to set max nonlinear iteration in CVode (ticket:400)
  • Renamed hmax to maxh in LSODAR for consistency (ticket:399)
  • Fixed version checking in setup for numpy (ticket:394)
  • Fixed bug with ncp list and backward integration (ticket:393)
  • Added method to retrieve current order in IDA (ticket:395)
— Assimulo-2.8 —
  • Added support for Sundials 2.6 (ticket:382)
  • Added support for sparse Jacobians (together with Sundials) (ticket:383)
  • Added warning about chattering (ticket:387)
  • Added run-time status update (ticket:181)
  • Added option to set max-conv failures (ticket:386)
  • Removed warningen about comparison to None (ticket:381)
  • Update requirement for Cython to 0.18 (ticket:384)
— Assimulo-2.7 —
  • Added Python 3 support (ticket:296)
  • Fixed crash with atol as a matrix (ticket:351)
  • Added option for stability detection (ticket:355)
  • Fixed problem with event tolerance (ticket:367)
— Assimulo-2.6 —
  • Added version as an attribute (ticket:264)
  • Added more information is Sunials was found or not during install (ticket:265)
  • Fixed problem with storing event points (ticket:297)
  • Fixed wrong number of F-Evals in statistics in Radau/Rodas (ticket:331)
  • Fixed problem with event detection in Euler (ticket:332)
  • Improved performance when using LSODAR (ticket:328)
— Assimulo-2.5 —
  • Added support for retrieving the last step in CVode (ticket:298)
  • Added support for retrieving the actual step in CVode (ticket:298)
  • Updated the documentation on the examples (ticket:316, ticket:315)
  • Added the name to the problem constructor (ticket:321)
  • Added option for timing a step (ticket:325)
  • Added an option to specify an upper bound on the integration time (ticket:289)
  • Added an option for a user specified J*v in the IDA case (ticket:284)
  • Various bug fixes.
— Assimulo-2.4 —
  • Added support for simulating backward in time (ticket:267)
  • Added support event detection for Radau, Dopri, Explicit/Implicit Euler, Rodas, CVode (ticket:272)
  • Added the solver ODASSL.
  • Added the solver DASP3 (ticket:257)
  • Added basic Implicit Euler method (ticket:249)
  • Various bug fixes.
— Assimulo-2.3 —
  • Changed license to LGPL from GPL (ticket:261)
  • Fixed re_init problem with scalars (ticket:248)
  • Added a timer for measuring elapsed time of a step (ticket:260)
  • Added options to CVode to get order, weights and errors (ticket:258, ticket:259)
  • Fixed problem with wrong dimensions when getting sensitivities in CVode (ticket:255)
  • Added parameters when using Jac*Vec in CVode (ticket:250)
  • Added automatically creation of res function for explicit problems (ticket:195)
  • Removed catching of exceptions in Explicit Euler (ticket:252)
— Assimulo-2.2 —
  • Added the solver LSODAR from ODEPACK (ticket:219)
  • Added number of state events to the statistics (ticket:224)
  • Fixed bug when storing result points together with events (ticket:222)
  • Bug fixes.
— Assimulo-2.1.1 —
  • Fixed problem with binary distribution on Windows (ticket:213)
— Assimulo-2.1 —
  • Added support for passing in parameters when using Jacobians. (ticket:210)
  • Added warning when the solver does not support state events. (ticket:209)
  • Added RODAS by Hairer (ticket:207)
  • Added RADAU5 by Hairer (ticket:205)
  • Added DOPRI5 by Hairer (ticket:206)
  • Renamed the Python version of Radau with the prefix underscore. Radau5ODE -> _Radau5ODE, Radau5DAE -> _Radau5DAE
— Assimulo-2.0 —
  • Minor bug fixes in the setup script (ticket:191).
  • Fixed bug in type checking of switches (ticket:201).
— Assimulo-2.0b1 —
  • Replaced and with a single
  • Base code migrated to Cython.
  • Results are now returned from the simulate method.
  • Options and statistics are now stored in dictionaries.
  • Results are stored in variables appended with _sol. For example: y -> y_sol. (Also note that the result is now returned from simulate)
  • The current time and states (state derivative) have changed name from t_cur, y_cur, yd_cur -> t, y, yd.
  • Method in IDA make_consistency have been renamed to make_consistent.
  • Added a method get_support which returns a dictionary with information about what the current solver supports.
  • Change name of the function in Explicit_Problem, f -> rhs
  • Change name of the function in Implicit_Problem, f -> res
  • Multiple name changes. (To be specified)
  • Improved the documentation
  • Speed improvements in the Sundials wrapper.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks in the Sundials wrapper.
  • Added support for specifying a list of output points.
— Assimulo-1.4b3 —
  • Fixed bug with t0 != 0 when using time events and step events (ticket:173)
  • Added support for specifying initial conditions for sensitivity variables (ticket:105)
  • Allowed pbar to specified in the problem (ticket:172)
— Assimulo-1.4b2 —
  • Fixed statistics for SPGMR (ticket:162).
  • Fixed bug when using fixed point iteration and jacobian related calls (ticket:152).
  • Added options to terminate a simulation from handle_event via an exception (ticket:163).
  • Fixed problem with atol and integers (ticket:161).
— Assimulo-1.4b1 —
  • Added option to use SPGMR in CVode (ticket:140).
  • Added new attributes in CVode, maxkrylov, pretype, linearsolver (ticket:140).
  • Added option to use a new method in Explicit_Problem, jacv (Jacobian*Vector) (ticket:144).
  • Fixed a bug with the completed simulation flag (ticket:133).
  • Fixed a bug when y0 is provided to Radau5 in the problem class (ticket:134).
  • Added an exception when the number of equations are zero (ticket:136).
  • Fixed a bug in the calling sequence of an event (ticket:138).
  • Added option to specify test attributes on tests (ticket:154).
  • Fixed various documentation inconsistencies.
  • Added a Kinsol wrapper (ticket:99)
  • Added a regularization technique (ticket:135).
  • Added SuperLU as a linear solver in Kinsol (ticket:153).
  • Fixed various bug related to Kinsol.
  • Updated the setup script to allow for specifying paths to SuperLU and Blas (ticket:148).
— Assimulo-1.3b1 —
  • Improved the tolerance handling in RungeKutta34.
  • Improved information output from all the solvers.
  • Implemented basic support for calculating sensitivities using IDAS.
  • Fixed a bug with the discretization method reseting the maximum order in CVode.
  • Minor bug fix in implicit Radau interpolate.
  • Changed the default value of pbar in CVodes and IDAs to the absolute values of the parameters.
— Assimulo-1.2b1 —
  • Implemented basic support for calculating sensitivities using CVodes.
  • Changed from using CVode to CVodes.
  • Added ‘echo’ methods used for viewing the current solver settings.
  • Fixed a bug with the reset method not resetting the statistics.
  • Fixed a bug which was exposed when overwriting the switches.
  • Added a custom error method in CVode and IDA.
  • Fixed a segmentation fault discovered on Mac when IDAS was used.
  • Renamed the test modules to lower-case.
  • Renamed the setup script to setup_from_binary (used when a pre-compiled binary is distributed)
— Assimulo-1.1b1 —
  • Fixed a bug with re-init resulting in resetting the options.
  • Moved the result handling to the problem class.
  • Renamed the event function to state_events.
  • Improved the information displayed after a simulation (mainly for IDA and CVode).
  • Added support for step events (completed_step).
  • Added support for time events.
  • Implemented basic support for calculating sensitivities using IDAS.
  • Renamed the modules to correspond to Python standard (all lowercase). Classes starts with a capital letter.
  • Implemented Radau5 for both explicit and implicit problems.
  • Wrapped an interpolate method from Sundials (IDAGetDky, CVodeGetDky)
  • Changed from using IDA to IDAS
  • Changed assimulo.problem.Problem_Name to problem_name.
  • Changed assimulo.ODE.problemname to problem_name.
  • Fixed a bug when printing information when used FixedPoint.
  • Changed algvar to be more type independent.
  • Added **kwargs to the plotting functionality.
— Assimulo-1.0b2 —
  • Added an option to mask which variables that is to be plotted.
  • Added a .simulate function for use when simulating instead of __call__. Although __call__ can still be used.
  • Added a plotting functionality for plotting the step-size used together with the order used when the simulation have been run with one-step mode in either CVode or IDA.
  • Added so that when using IDA or CVode in one-step mode, the current order and the last order are stored.
  • Added option to specify initial step-size in CVode.
  • Added support to switch between using the user defined Jacobian in CVode or not.
  • Added support to switch between using the user defined Jacobian in IDA or not.
  • Added support for user-defined Jacobians when using CVode.
  • Added support for user-defined Jacobians when using IDA.
— Assimulo-1.0b1 —
  • The rough first version.