— PyFMI-2.5 —
  • Fixed issue with atol not being updated when rtol is set (ticket:5709)
  • Added check on the nominal values (ticket:5706)
  • Fixed issue with reusing the FD computed Jacobian (ticket:5668)
  • Fixed potential race condition when creating temp directories (ticket:5660)
  • Added a method to retrieve the PyFMI log level (ticket:5639)
  • Made the binary result saving robust to handle incorrect model descriptions (ticket:5624)
  • Fixed issue with using the result filter together with FMI1 (ticket:5623)
  • Improved input handling for FMI2 (ticket:5615)
  • Cleanup of simulation logging (ticket:5614)
  • Fixed simulation logging when there are no states (ticket:5613)
  • Fixed issue with wrong return of time varying variables (ticket:5597)
  • Added functionality to set enumerations with strings (ticket:5587)
  • Changed so that the FMU is only unzipped once (for performance) (ticket:5551)
  • Changed so that the log is stored in memory during load_fmu call (ticket:5550)
  • Added option to limit the maximum size of the log file (ticket:5089)
  • Fixed memory leak when getting the dependency information (ticket:5553)
  • Deprecated get_log_file_name in favour of get_log_filename (ticket:5548)
  • Implemented support for injecting custom logging functionality (ticket:5545)
  • Added the possibility to retrieve unit/display unit name for FMI2 and its value in the display unit (ticket:5537)
  • Added possibility to get a scalar variable directly (ticket:5521)
  • Fixed problem with binary saving (integer start time) (ticket:5496)
  • Updated the interactive info on the load_fmu method (ticket:5495)
  • Changed default file storing method to binary (ticket:5479)
  • Fixed issue with getting parameters when using memory storage option (ticket:5476)
  • Added support for getting the declared type for FMI2 (ticket:5475)
  • Added option to store result files on binary format (ticket:5470)
  • Improved method to retrieve model variables (ticket:5469)
  • Added a prototype of a Master algorithm for coupled ME FMUs (ticket:5438)
  • Fixed so that a “none” result handler can be used for CS (ticket:5403)
  • Removed deprecated FMUModel (ticket:5315)
  • Updated attributes to the initialize methods to be consistent between FMI1 and FMI2. Also added so that setup_experiment is called through FMI2.initialze() if not already called (ticket:5322).
  • Added option “maxh” (maximum step-size) to the Master algorithm (ticket:5396)
  • Fixed bug with step outside simulation region for the Master algorithm (ticket:5397)
— PyFMI-2.4 —
  • Fixed a missed encoding of strings, used for Python 3 (ticket:5163)
  • Added timeout option for when simulating CS FMUs (ticket:5313)
  • Added option to specify if the stop time is fixed or not (ticket:5298)
  • Fixed bug where setting the maximum order had no impact (ticket:5212)
  • Added option to use central difference instead of forward differences (ticket:5204)
  • Minor bugfixes and documentation improvements.
— PyFMI-2.3.1 —
  • Added caching of model variables when retriving the variables lists (ticket:5007)
  • Added more information about where time is spent in a simulation (ticket:4983)
  • Improved performance when using filters (ticket:4984)
— PyFMI-2.3 —
  • Implemented a Master algorithm for simulation of CS FMUS (ticket:4918)
  • Information from the integrator to the log (ticket:4101)
  • Parameter estimation of FMUs (ticket:4461, ticket:4809)
  • Bug fix, plot gui (ticket:4472)
  • Bug fix, pyfmi without assimulo (ticket:4509)
  • Bug fix, handle result (ticket:4658)
  • Bug fix, enum definition (ticket:4740)
  • Bug fix, log name (ticket:4792)
  • Bug fix, enum get/set (ticket:4941)
  • Bug fix, malformed xml (ticket:4888)
  • Allow do steps to be performed in parallel (ticket:4541)
  • Direct acces to low-level FMIL methods (ticket:4542)
  • Performance improvements for get/set (ticket:4566)
  • Fixed output dependencies (ticket:4728, ticket:4762)
  • Fixed derivative dependencies (ticket:4729, ticket:4765)
  • Add option to use finite differences if directional derivatives are not available (ticket:4733)
  • Add support for get/set string (ticket:4798)
  • Added option to disable reloading of simulation results (ticket:4930)
— PyFMI-2.2 —
  • Support for sparse representation of matrices (ticket:4306)
  • Update methods for getting variable lists (ticket:4370)
  • Fix for Python 3 (ticket:4386, ticket:4470)
  • Support for get/set FMU state (ticket:4455)
  • Bug fix for result storage (ticket:4460)
  • Bug fix for simulating FMU without states (ticket:4462)
  • Exposed enter/exit initialization mode (ticket:4436)
  • Using PyFMI without Assimulo (ticket:4393)
— PyFMI-2.1 —
  • PyFMI Python 3 compliant (ticket:4147)
  • Fix for assert fails in CS simulation (ticket:4244)
  • Methods for retrieving dependency information (ticket:4260)
  • Bug fixes (ticket:4264, ticket:4281)
  • Fix for discard of CS FMUs (ticket:4234)
  • Method for getting real status (ticket:4233)
— PyFMI-2.0 —
  • Support for FMI2
  • Added initial to scalar variable (ticket:4146)
  • Support for handling time events directly after intialize (ticket:4122)
  • Fixed saving of enumeration variables (ticket:3778)
  • Added a plot GUI (ticket:1657, ticket:1658, ticket:3703, ticket:4047, ticket:4121)
  • Bug fixes (ticket:3778, ticket:4054, ticket:4053)
— PyFMI-1.5 —
  • Added dummy result handler (ticket:3521)
  • Option to implicit euler (ticket:3614)
  • Support for FMI2 RC2 (ticket:3680)
— PyFMI-1.4.1 —
  • Improved base result (ticket:3534)
— PyFMI-1.4 —
  • Fixed seg fault on Windows (ticket:1947)
  • Added CS example (ticket:2363)
  • Performance improvement when setting inputs (ticket:3032)
  • Changed calling sequence for result handler (ticket:3115)
  • Added option to store result as CSV (ticket:3126)
— PyFMI-1.3.2 —
  • Changed the log output from load_fmu (ticket:3030)
  • Fixed enumeration access (ticket:3038)
  • Control of logging (ticket:3013)
— PyFMI-1.3.1 —
  • Minor fix in setup script (ticket:2983)
— PyFMI-1.3 —
  • Improved result handling (ticket:2864)
  • Changed default values for logging (ticket:2970)
  • Support for LSODAR from Assimulo (ticket:2945)
  • Changed default simulation time (ticket:2910)
  • Added filtering of model variables (ticket:2819)
  • Option to store simulation result in memory (ticket:2813)
  • Added reset method for CS1 (ticket:2724)
  • Fixed get/set negated values (ticket:2758)
  • Improved reset method (ticket:2270)
  • Decode description string to UTF-8 (ticket:2652)
  • Option to store log to file (ticket:2403)
  • Option to get the default experiment data (ticket:2564)
  • Bug fixes (ticket:2489, ticket:2569, ticket:2877, ticket:2916)
— PyFMI-1.2 —
  • Added check for empty last error (ticket:2474)
  • Updated bouncingball example (ticket:2478)
— PyFMI-1.2b1 —
  • Import and simulation of co-simulation FMUs (ticket:2230)
  • Updated setup script (ticket:2293, ticket:2336)
  • Changed license to LGPL (ticket:2361)
  • Added convenience method getting variable by value ref (ticket:2480)
  • Minor improvements (ticket:2294, ticket:2453)
  • Minor bug fixes (ticket:2314, ticket:2412, ticket:2336)
— PyFMI-1.1 —
  • Included FMIL in setup (ticket:1940)
  • Fixed static / shared linking (ticket:2216)
— PyFMI-1.1b1 —
  • Changed internals to use FMI Library (FMIL) (ticket:1920)
  • Minor bug fixes (ticket:2203, ticket:1952)