1.9 released

The team is proud to present 1.9. New key features includes:

  • Improved Modelica compliance, including support for external objects
  • Support for MSL CombiTables
  • Significant improvements in execution speed and memory consumption for the compiler - models with more than 100.000 equation can be compiled
  • Simulation of Co-simulation FMUs
  • Improvements to the CasADi-based collocation algorithm, including variable scaling based on simulation trajectories and support for minimum-time problems.
  • Support for Modelica 3.2

See the release notes and the compliance reports for details. A binary installer for Windows is available at the download page.


Update API docs?

Do you suppose those of us trying to use JModelica classes could get updated to 1.9?  Thanks.  Oh, and is there a way to generate those docs locally?


You might mention that it also now supports Modelica 3.2.