An XML Representation of DAE Systems Obtained from Modelica Models

Publication type: 
Conference paper
Casella, F., Donida, F., Ã…kesson, J.
Proceedings of the 7th International Modelica Conference 2009
Modelica Association
<p>This contribution presents an XML format for representation of flat Modelica models. The purpose is to offer a standardized model exchange format which is based on the DAE formalism and wich is neutral with respect to model usage. Many usages of models goes beyond what can be obtained from an execution interface offering evaluation of the model equations. Several such usages arises in the area of control engineering, where LFT transformations, derivation of robotic controllers, optimization, and real time code generation are some examples. The choice of XML is motivated by its defacto standard status and the availability of free and efficient tools. Also, the XSLT language enables specification of transformation of the XML model representation into other formats.</p>