I am Joel, originally from Sweden, but now living in Leuven (Belgium) doing a PhD in Applied Mathematics. My PhD, which I started in 2008, is funded by the vICERP project (, aiming at modelling and optimizing a type of solar thermal power plant. I am planning to use JModelica/Optimica in this framework.

My research group is developing the open-source optimal control software ACADOtoolkit (, which I am planning to interface with JModelica shortly (summer 2009). This is particularly suitable for real-time optimal control. ACADOtoolkit will be released later in 2009, but some parts (like a collection of ODE/DAE integrators with sensitivity functionality) is already available. I have already written a simple interface with optimal control another software, MUSCOD-II. If anyone is interested in any of this, let me know.

Kind regards,