Happy holiday season!

As 2010 is coming to an end, I wish all JModelica.org users, developers and collaborators a happy and restful holiday season. I also would like to thank the dedicated development team for all their efforts, and our users for their patience and enthusiasm. During this eventful year that saw many exciting developments, the project has grown, both in terms of developers and of users, and many new features have been added. The simulation package Assimulo was launched, the compiler front-end Modelica compliance was significantly improved, and FMI import support was implemented, just to mention a few of the highlights. 2011 is looking to be equally eventful, with FMU export, simulation support for hybrid and sampled systems, and support for a larger class of optimization problems on the roadmap. And don't forget to sign up for the JModelica.org tutorial at the Modelica Conference in Dresden in March - this is a great opportunity to learn more about the platform and to get hands-on experience. 
Best regards
Johan Åkesson 


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Hello jakesson my name is

Hello jakesson

my name is Daniel, I'm a Bachelor studen at TUM in Munich, Germany. I have recently worked with TheMathWorks' tool "Simscape" but now I'm requested from work to use JModelica. As the interfaces of JModelica and Simscape are nothing alike and the JModelica "UsersGuide" is not very friendly for beginners, I'm having some trouble with that.
Could you advise me a path of where to start first and then what to do next to learn how to simulate models using Jmodelica?
I already started with Python tutorials, which until now seem pretty easy.    
My E-mail is dperezra1@hotmail.com 

Thank you, I would really appreciate it!


So many things to do in the

So many things to do in the 2011 ;) I'm sure all those goals and other will be reached!

I wish a happy new year to all the JModelica.org team!

I'm quite excited about the

I'm quite excited about the upcoming developments during 2011, it will be a very eventful year. BTW, we are currently working with your XML export to integrate with the CasADi package - things are looking very promising. All hands are welcome, just let me know if you would like me to send a ticket or two your way ;).

Of course I would like to, if

Of course I would like to, if possible :)