Hello community!

My name is Maja and I am a master student of electrical engineering. I'm doing my thesis on optimal control at Modelon AB. I've been using to simulate and optimise Modelica models of solar heating and storage system for a Swedish family home.

Hello Maja my name is Daniel,

Hello Maja

my name is Daniel, I'm a Bachelor studen at TUM in Munich, Germany. I have recently worked with TheMathWorks' tool "Simscape" but now I'm requested from work to use JModelica. As the interfaces of JModelica and Simscape are nothing alike and the JModelica "UsersGuide" is not very usefull for getting started, I'm having some trouble with that.
Could you advise me a path of where to start first and then what to do next to learn how to create models using Jmodelica?
I already started with Python tutorials, which until now seem pretty easy.    
My E/mail is 

Thank you, I would really appreciate it!


How did jmodelica helped

How did jmodelica helped to make your model?Do reply as I didn't got it.