Jens Rantil Hi! My name is Jens Rantil. I'm a master's student in Engineering Mathematics and did my master's thesis as a joint project between Modelon AB and Numerical Analysis, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. This was done between February and November 2009.



The thesis abstract was as follows:

Dynamic optimization addresses the problem of finding the minimum of a cost function subject to a constraint comprised of a system of differential equations. There are many algorithms to numerically solve such optimization problems. One such algorithm is multiple shooting. This master’s thesis presents an implementation of a multiple shooting algorithm in Python. The implementation is based on the open source platform, the integrator SUNDIALS and the optimization algorithm scipy slsqp. The platform supports model descriptions encoded in the Modelica language and optimization specifications expressed in the extension Optimica. The Modelica/Optimica combination provides simple means to express complex optimization problems in a compact and user-oriented manner. The platform in turn translates the high-level descriptions into efficient C code which can compiled and linked with Python. As a result, the numerical packages available for Python can be used to develop custom applications based on Modelica/Optimica specifications. Two examples are provided to illustrate the capabilities of the method.

I was also one of the early adopters and developers of the Python API that exist today. My thesis was also a real life test to see how well suited was to extending it beyond its reach - discussing things such as the Python integrator interface as well as the Python optimization interface.

As of today my thesis has not been printed and I will publish a blog post as soon as this is done. The thesis has however been defended in November 2009.

Currently I am working as a developer and system administrator for the Swedish VOIP company Telavox AB. While I have not participated for a couple of months in, I cannot say I won't in the future. It's a fun project that brings about both mathematics, optimization (both in Mathematics and Computer Engineering) as well as software design.


some questions

hi dear Jens. I have some questions by running jmodelica software.
when I run jmodelica means pylab window and using the user manual " User Guide Version 1.2.0", on page 18 , when I run this command "run" error happened. Of course I saved it in a .py format as it explained in user manual. maybe by that code the command "package" is undefined.

I don't exactly know , where I should send my questions!! If any other is responsible for it, please guide me.
My email is :

your prompt reply is appreciated.



I suggest that you ask such questions in the forum instead (the leftmost link in the menu at the top of the page).