Mac OS X JModelica Installation Success

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Mac OS X JModelica Installation Success

After a bunch of fooling around, I was able to build JModelica from source under Mac OS X 10.7.3.
My stream of consciousness notes are at
The biggest issue that I had was that CaSDI wanted to use the default version of Python, not the devel version that I had installed.  The fix rquired editing CMakeCache.txt

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Hi Christopher,   Wow, you

Hi Christopher,
Wow, you went through quite some hassles here!
Some comments:

  • I used Mac ports to install all dependencies except for Ipopt, including a fresh Python 2.7 distribution and all the needed Python packages. I experienced no glitches along the way and I think that the mac ports way is very convenient.
  • Sundials will no longer be needed in version 1.7, it is built from sources as part of
  • Some Python packages in have changed name, which was not reflected in the INSTALL file.
  • Currently, CasADi has issues on Mac systems. These are known and documented in

I have updated the INSTALL file to take into account the changes we have made for the upcoming 1.7 release. Your input was most helpful. We will work on further improving the installation instructions for Mac.
May I kindly ask you to make a comment on your wiki page about the possibility to use mac ports to install the dependencies? I fear that some Mac users will be discouraged by your experiences - and the mac ports way saves them the trouble :-).
Anyway, I hope that you will find your efforts worthwile when you get to using

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Re: Mac OS X JModelica Installation Success

Sure, no problem, I updated
with your response.
I'm going to leave that page mostly as is because the error messages are useful.
No worries on the difficulty here, part of the issue was not having a devel version of Python 2.7 installed.

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Running JModelica on Mac OS Sierra


I tried to get running on my Mac following cxbrookses steps, but at the point where he says to install jhbuilder and change the target to 10.7 and I try to put in 10.12 for the current version, it gives me the error:

              MacOSX10.12.sdk not found

Does anyone know a workaround for this?    

Thanks a lot.

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