Run model visually with the FMI c-library

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Run model visually with the FMI c-library

Hey im making my own co-simulation application using the FMI library for school, i've managed to connect multiple models but for which are able to send and receive data. The models i make are made in Simulink and 20-sim, but i want to be able to see my moels as wel, to see and show the outputs as the simulation runs. 

I see that the fmi2_import_instantiate() method has a "visible" which says indicates whether or not the simulator application window should be visible. From this i expected that when i set this to fmi2_true it should've opened my simulink and/or 20-sim windows.


Am i doing something wrong or did i have to specify somewhere what application should've been opened.


- Andre

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A library

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A library is dealt with for

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The C standard library or

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Functional Mockup Interface

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