FMUException Failed to set Integer value

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FMUException Failed to set Integer value

I am getting the error "FMUException Failed to set Integer value" when I am trying to set the value of a parameter before simulation. Following another similar post, I obtained the log information which I am posting here. 


['FMIL: module = FMILIB, log level = 4: XML specifies FMI standard version 2.0', 
"FMIL: module = FMILIB, log level = 4: Loading 'win32' binary with 'default' platform types", 
'FMIL: module = Model, log level = 4: [INFO][FMU status:OK] <JMIRuntime><value name="build_date">"May 10 2017"</value> <value name="build_time">"10:30:44"</value></JMIRuntime>', 
'FMIL: module = Model, log level = 2: [ERROR][FMU status:Error] <CannotSetVariable category="error">Cannot set Integer structural parameter <value name="variable">"coil.faultMode"</value></CannotSetVariable>']





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