FMU export error -- Class not found

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FMU export error -- Class not found


I have been trying to export a model from a custom library. I built it in OpenModelica and it is possible to export from OpenModelica and I am getting consistent result for ME2 exports. Therefore, I think the model itself does not have a problem related to this export error. I already read the documentation(I hope i didn't miss anything) and some similar questions.


from pymodelica import compile_fmu

model_name = 'myModel'
mo_file = 'C:/~/myPackage/'

my_fmu = compile_fmu(model_name, mo_file)


Then I am getting the error:

Syntactic error at line 90, column 3:
Unexpected token: "annotation"


This annotation at line 90 is simply for simulation settings that I wrote in Openmodelica, just a start, stop time etc. When I comment out this line, I am getting following error:

pymodelica.compiler_exceptions.ModelicaClassNotFoundError: Class MyModel not found

Getting this error just after the previous error does not make any sense at all.