model initialization - error

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model initialization - error



Using the pyfmi package to simulate my model I got the following error message:

FMUException: Failed to get the event indicators at time: 3.553653E+01.

I managed to find some input here:

However, when I try to initialize the model I get the error message:

"FMIL: module = b'Model', log level = 2: b'[][FMU status:Error] fmiInitialize: dsblock_ failed, QiErr = 1'",
 "FMIL: module = b'Model', log level = 2: b'[][FMU status:Error] Unless otherwise indicated by error messages, possible errors are (non-exhaustive):\\nThe model references external data that is not present on the target machine, at least not with the same location.\\n'"]

The issue is that I have some external data that I hand over to the FMU to run the simulations.

So my question is how can I apply the initialize method according the input from to solve the upper problem regarding the event indicators?