definition of tolerance ME/CS

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definition of tolerance ME/CS

dear all,

Platform:  JModelica svn 9909  on Linux

I tried to get the same results for ME/CS  simulation for a problem includung delay() functions. The following options I used:

CS  simulation:

    opts['ncp'] = 8000


ME simulation:
    opts['CVode_options']['atol'] = 0.01 * 5e-10
    opts['CVode_options']['rtol'] = 5e-10

    opts['ncp'] = 8000


Definition experiment:

    <DefaultExperiment startTime="0.0" stopTime="200.0" tolerance="1.0E-3" />


Any ideas?  Because tolerance for CS can only be defined in problem.MO or by modification of modelDescription.xml  in the FMU


thanks in advance / hans