Installing/upgrading pip properly for JModelica ver 2.0

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Installing/upgrading pip properly for JModelica ver 2.0



I am somewhat confused about the search path in JModelica ver 2.0 and changes from earlier versions. And I run in an updated Windows 10 environment.


I think I made a completely clean installation of by first uninstallering previous edition and corresponding Python packages, and some manual deleting of remaining folders. 


After successful installation I ran from within IPython position in the folder / where I had put downloaded file. This led to an upgrade of pip (since pip already was installed as standard for later Python27). After that I installed pandas==0.18.1 (as well as xlrd==1.0.0) and they work well and seem not to interfere with JModelica.


I also updated the system environmental variable in Windows 10 for TEMP and then Path with the fact that now in JModelica 2.0 Python27 is contained inside Still I cannot call pip from any folder outside where it is installed i.e. /

In my previous installation of JModelica 1.17 I could using the Windows command window call pip list from any folder.


My installation of JModelica as well as Pandas does work from different folders so I have no immediate problem, Still the fact that pip is not callable from anywhere  make me hesitate to install other packages since something is different or wrong with the search path for pip.


All this might be due to a slightly different way I ran now using


Appreciate some comment/help


Jan Peter