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EnergyPlus FMU


I have an EnergyPlus fmu, I get the following error when I use the simulate or do_step method:

ERROR][Slave] [error][FMU status:Error] fmiDoStep: An error occured in a previous call. CommunicationStepSize: 6.000000 is different from time step: 6 in input file.


Is there anyway to change the pyfmi stepsize to integer or change the fmu's stepsize to float??

I tried to change the argument type definition for do_step (changed FMIL.fmi1.real.time to FMIL.fmi1.integer.time) in fmi.pyx and rebuild the pyfmi, but it didn't solve the problem.


Any idea what could be the problem? 




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Energyplus FMU

I am sorry I can't answer your question, but I need your help to install pyfmi. So I have few questions. Can we use python 2.7 while installing pyfmi ? Do we have to use 32 bit anaconda for it ? Also, I downloaded the FMI library from this website, but when I run python install command by stating the path to FMI library, it gives me a set of errors. I am using python 2.7 anaconda 64 bit.  Can you please help me with this ? What are the steps that I should follow for installing pyfmi and then running energyplus as fmu with pyfmi ?

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