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I'm making some alterations to the back-end and I have some problems interpreting what ModelicaCasADi::Ref is exactly. Is this a pointer to the corresponding java object?


I'm also not sure how the link between C++ and java is made. Suppose I create a new function in Java and I want to call it from C++, do I need to write a wrapper for it or is this somehow treated automatically, if so how/where?

Thank you!

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I'm not that familiar with

I'm not that familiar with this part of the codebase. But I think ModelicaCasADi::Ref is a pointer to C++ objects created by CasADi Interface (most of which correspond to some Java object), which is designed to automate the memory management on the Python side through reference counting. There are some intricacies related to this and the fact that there are circular references between Models and Variables.

I know even less about the link between C++ and Java, but I do not think any manual wrapping is necessary.

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