Using FMU in C++ HELP

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Using FMU in C++ HELP

Hello everyone!


i'm totaly a newbie with FMU export and import and i'm working on this project where i have to export a Dymola model into FMU and then prepare it to be integrated in a C++ program.unfortunately I dont have any idea how to start with it. So i will be realy pleased if someone could help me with any advice on how to start and what are the steps required to come with such a thing.


Thanks in advance 




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FMI Library


I'd suggest using our generic FMI Library ( It has a C interface and is distributed under a BSD license.


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Numbering both the lines and

Numbering both the lines and segments from 0 the component in push r col c is given by the 

val(r,c) = val(r-1,c-1) + val( r-1, c) 

Compose 2 settled circles: push outside, col inside. Begin push at 0 to however "profound" you need the triangle. The col circle should keep running from 0 to r. Subsequently push 1 has 2 esteems. Begin with r(0,0) = 1 

For each line 

val(r,0) = val(r,r) = 1.Essay tiger

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