generate FMU binary for linux

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generate FMU binary for linux


i have a .mo file, which describes a simulation. I used JModelica to export this .mo file as a .fmu file. (I'm a windows user.) When I unzipped the fmu file, there is only 'win32' under 'binaries' . Could someone tell me, how can I get 'linux32' or 'linux64' under the 'binaries'?

I used 'Ipython.bat' under the file ''. And I wrote these commands:

from pymodelica import compile_fmu
model_name = 'myModel'
mo_file = ''
my_fmu = compile_fmu(model_name, mo_file, target='cs')

Thanks very much! I'm looking forward the Answer!


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log processed answer for csv

log processed answer for csv result document comma isolated esteems, record arrange is of course good with RFC4180, the header contains variable names, first section is time, elective field separator might be determined as an alternative. Can supply numerical info information to the reproduction from a CSV record. Info begin esteems from FMU paired not XML will be utilized as a part of case no information is given. String inputs are as of now not bolstered.

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