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Dymola model

I have a licensed version of Dymola. I have been trying to modify the commands in the 'closedloopdriver', which I duplicated and tried to modify. The main script which is as follows, was editable


redeclare VehicleDynamics.Drivers.ManualH.ClosedLoop driver(tracking(

          lateralTracker(vx_table_sx=[0, 10; 1, 10; 10, 10;15,20;12,10]), gearSelector(



 but when I opend each component and tried to modify, I was'nt able to.

Can anyone tell me how to modify the script please.

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Once a model has been

Once a model has been mimicked every one of the factors are appeared enabling them to be plotted, for example, the variable point in the joint revolute1 demonstrated plotted previously. The rundown of factors is put away under the name of the model run, https://www.courseworkcamp.co.uk/ for this situation DoublePendulum, however when various reenactments of a similar model happen then they are shown in numerical request as per the time they were run.

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